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Doctor Who 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver (Christmas 2015 Version)1£24.99

Dark Horse

Empowered Graphic Novels by Adam WarrenEmpowered And Sistah Spookys High School Hell 2£2.99
Halo Rise Of Atriox5£2.99
Hungry Ghosts1£2.99
Joe Golem Occult DetectiveOuter Dark 5£2.99
Plants Vs Zombies HardcoverGreatest Show Unearthed Hardcover£8.99
Sherlock Frankenstein And The Legions Of Evil4£2.99
Tomb Raider Survivors Crusade3£2.99
Vinegar Teeth1£2.99
Zodiac Starforce3 Cries Of The Fire Prince£2.99


Action Comics979£2.30
Action Comics984£2.30
Action Comics991 Lenticular Edition£9.99
Action Comics996£2.30
Action Comics990£4.99
Action Comics989£2.30
Action Comics977£2.30
Action Comics997£2.30
All Star Batman7£4.50
Astro City50£2.99
Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey19£2.99
Batman38 2nd Printing£2.30
Batman40 Variant£9.99
BatmanBatman The Dark Prince Charming Hardcover Book 1 2nd Printing£11.99
Batman Dark Victory Hardcover by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale1 Batman Noir Hardcover Edition£34.99
Batman The Red Death (Metal)1 4th Printing£2.99
Batman White Knight4 2nd printing£2.99
Batman White Knight5£2.99
Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands4£2.99
Blue Beetle17£2.99
Dark Nights Metal5£2.99
Dark Nights Rising The Wild Hunt1£4.50
Dastardly And Muttley6£2.99
Demon Hell Is Earth3£2.30
Detective Comics973£2.30
Detective ComicsDetective Comics Annual (2018)£4.50
Doomsday Clock3£4.50
Doomsday Clock3 Variant£9.99
Exit Stage Left The Snagglepuss Chronicles2£2.99
Green Lanterns40£2.30
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp37£2.30
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp38£2.30
Harley Quinn36£2.30
Harley Quinn37£2.30
Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Meet Betty And Veronica5£2.99
JLA Doom Patrol Special1£4.50
Justice League38£2.30
Justice League38 Variant£9.99
Justice League Of America1 Cover A ( Stars )£3.00
Justice League Of America The Ray Rebirth1£2.30
Justice League Of America Vixen Rebirth1£2.30
Mister Miracle1 4th Printing£2.99
Mother Panic (Young Animal)6£2.99
Mother Panic (Young Animal)3£2.99
Mother Panic (Young Animal)Mother Panic Batman 1£4.50
New Superman20 New Superman And The Justice League Of China£2.99
NightwingNightwing The New World Order 6£2.99
Nightwing7 Variant£9.99
Rag Man5£2.30
Red Hood And The Outlaws19£2.99
Suicide Squad34£2.30
Suicide Squad35£2.30
Teen Titans16£2.99
The Flash39£2.30
The FlashFlash Annual (2018)£4.50
The Flash40£2.30
The Flash40 Variant£9.99
The Jetsons4£2.99
WildstormWildstorm Michael Cray 5£2.99
Wonder Woman39£2.30
Wonder Woman40£2.30
Wonder WomanShade The Changing Girl Wonder Woman Special£4.50
Young Monsters In Love1£8.99

Dynamite Entertainment

The Shadow Batman4£2.99

Eaglemoss Publications

Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection113 Robot Santa£8.99
Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection117 Omega Arc Of Infinity£8.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection16 Ferengi Marauder£9.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection18 Bajoran Light Ship£9.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection26 Tholian Star Ship£9.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection34 Vulcan Surak£9.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection41 Klingon Raptor£9.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection44 USS Intrepid£9.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection55 Vulcan DKyr Cruiser£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection59 USS Relativity£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection66 USS Raven£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection69 Breen Warship£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection71 Goroths Klingon Transport Ship£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection73 Borg Renegades Ship£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection76 Neelix Ship Baxial£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection107 Bird Of Prey Attack Mode£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection111 Captain Proton£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection117 Ferengi Ship 22nd Century£12.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection118 USS Firebrand Freedom Class£12.99

Hatchet Book Group

Doctor Who The Complete History Hardcover Book Collection62£9.99

IDW Publishing

Haunted Horror32£4.50
Judge Blessed Earth8£2.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic62£2.99
Star Trek Boldly Go16£2.99
Star Trek Discovery The Light Of Kahless2 Cover B£2.99
Star Trek OngoingStar Trek New Visions Isolation£8.99
Tank Girl SkidmarksTank Girl World War Tank Girl 2£2.99
Transformers Lost Light13£2.99
Transformers Lost Light14£2.99


Black Magick10£2.99
Black Science34£2.99
Death Of Love1£2.99
I Hate Fairyland16£2.99
I Hate Fairyland16 Fuck Fairyland Cover£2.99
Ice Cream Man1£10.00
Ice Cream Man1 2nd Printing£2.99
Kick Ass1 Cover B£2.99
Kick Ass1 Cover D£2.99
Kick Ass1 Cover F Blank£9.99
Lake Of Fire3£2.99
Lazarus X +666£2.99
Mage The Hero Denied6£2.99
Paper Girls20£2.30
SagaSaga Sweet Boy Pin Badge£12.99
Scales And Scoundrels6£2.99
The Wicked And The DivineWicked And Divine 1923 One Shot£4.50
Twisted Romance1£2.99
Underwinter Field Of Feathers4£2.99
Walking Dead176£2.30


All New Wolverine30 Legacy£2.99
Amazing Spiderman794 or 38 Legacy£2.99
Amazing Spiderman18 Variant£9.99
Amazing SpidermanAmazing Spiderman Annual 42 (2018)£4.50
Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows15 Legacy£2.99
Amazing Spiderman Renew Your Vows16 Legacy£2.99
Avengers (Now)678 Legacy Dauterman Young Guns Retailer Variant£99.99
Avengers (Now)675 2nd Printing Legacy£2.99
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider13 Legacy£2.99
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider14 Legacy£2.99
Black Bolt10 Legacy£2.99
Black Panther Sound And Fury1£2.99
Cable151 Legacy 2nd printing£2.99
Cable154 Legacy£2.99
Captain America Sam Wilson696 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Captain America Sam Wilson698 Legacy£2.99
Daredevil598 Legacy£2.99
DeadpoolDespicable Deadpool 293 Legacy£2.99
DeadpoolDespicable Deadpool 294 Legacy£2.99
Defenders9 Legacy£2.99
Doctor Strange385 Legacy£2.99
Falcon4 Legacy£2.99
Falcon5 Legacy£2.99
Hawkeye15 Legacy£2.99
House Of MHouse Of M One Shot Pack ( contains Thunderbolts, Black Panther, The Pulse, Captain America and Cable And Deadpool) 1st Prints£10.00
Iceman10 Legacy£2.99
Incredible Hulk712 Legacy£2.99
Invincible Iron Man594 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Invincible Iron ManTales Of Suspense 101 Legacy£2.99
Iron Fist77 Legacy£2.99
Iron Fist4£2.99
Iron Fist5£2.99
Jessica Jones14 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Jessica Jones16 Legacy£2.99
Kingsman Red Diamond6£2.99
Legion (X Men)1£2.99
Luke Cage169 Legacy£2.99
Luke Cage4£2.99
Marvel Two In One1 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Marvel Two In One3 Legacy Del Mundo Young Guns Variant£14.99
Marvels Avengers Infinity War Prelude1£2.99
Marvels Black Panther Art Of Movie Slipcase Hardcover1£44.99
Mighty Captain MarvelCaptain Marvel 128 Legacy£2.99
Moon Knight191 Legacy£2.99
Ms Marvel27£2.99
Old Man Logan34 Legacy£2.99
Old Man Logan35 Legacy£2.99
Phoenix Resurrection Return Of Jean Grey5 Legacy£4.50
Punisher221 Legacy£2.99
Punisher Platoon5£2.99
Rogue And Gambit2£2.99
Spider Gwen26 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Spider Gwen28 Legacy£2.99
Spider Gwen237 Legacy£2.99
Spiderman235 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Spiderman And Deadpool27 Legacy£2.99
Spirits Of Vengeance5 Legacy£2.99
Star Wars43£2.99
Star Wars Darth Vader11£2.99
Star Wars Doctor Aphra16£2.99
Star Wars Last Jedi DJ1£4.50
Star Wars Poe Dameron24£2.99
Star Wars Thrawn1£4.50
The Champions14 Legacy 2nd Printing£2.99
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl27 Legacy£2.99
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl29 Legacy£2.99
Venom161 Legacy£2.99
Weapon X14 Legacy£2.99
X Men Blue20 Legacy£2.99
X Men BlueX Men Blue Annual 1£4.50
X Men Gold21 Legacy£2.99
X Men GoldX Men Grand Design 2£5.99
X Men Red1£4.50
X Men Red1 Larraz Young Guns Variant£14.99

New England Comics

The Tick (2017)1£2.99

Panini Comics

Doctor Who Magazine522£5.99



Sundry Items

Gerber Half Backs Acid Free Boards Packs of 1001£10.99


Doctor Who 10th Doctor Year Three10£2.99
Doctor Who 10th Doctor Year Three11£2.99
Doctor Who 10th Doctor Year Three12£2.99
Doctor Who 10th Doctor Year Three13£2.99
Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Three12£2.99
Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Three13£2.99
Doctor Who 12th Doctor Ongoing Series Year Three9£2.99
Doctor Who 12th Doctor Ongoing Series Year Three10£2.99
Doctor Who 12th Doctor Ongoing Series Year Three11£2.99


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