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Doctor Who Mini Radio Control Dalek Battle PacksRose (Sold as not working. Can probably be repaired by a competant remote controller.)£29.99

Dark Horse

Angel Season 118£2.99
BPRD Devil You Know2£2.99
Briggs Land An American Family Under Siege by Brian WoodLone Wolves 4£2.99
Buffy Season 1110£2.99
Elfquest The Final Quest21£2.99
Griggs Land Lone Wolves 4£2.99
Groo Fray Of The Gods3£2.99
Harrow County25£2.99
Hellboy And The BPRD Occult Intelligence1£2.99
Neil Gaimans American Gods7£2.99
Shadows On The Grave6£2.99
Shadows On The Grave8£2.99
The Realm1 Cover A£2.99
Usagi Yojimbo161£2.99


Action Comics985£2.30
Action Comics986£2.30
Action Comics987 OZ Effect£2.30
Action Comics987 Variant Edition OZ Effect£9.99
All Star Batman13£4.50
All Star Batman13 Albuquerue Variant£14.99
All Star Batman13 Fiumara Variant£14.99
Bane Conquest (Batman)5£2.99
Batgirl And The Birds Of Prey14£2.99
Batman30 Variant£9.99
Batman24 2nd Printing£2.30
Batman24 4th Printing£2.30
Batman25 2nd Printing£2.99
Batman Beyond11£2.99
Batman The Shadow5£2.99
Dark Nights Metal1 2nd printing£4.50
Dark Nights Metal2£2.99
Dark Nights Metal2 Kubert Variant£19.99
Dastardly And Muttley1£2.99
DC Bombshells United1£2.99
Detective Comics963£2.30
Detective Comics964£2.30
Detective Comics964 Variant£9.99
Green Arrow30£2.30
Green Lanterns30£2.30
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp27£2.30
Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corp28£2.30
Harley Quinn26£2.30
Harley Quinn26 Variant£9.99
Harley Quinn27£2.30
Harley Quinn27 Variant£9.99
Harley QuinnHarley Quinn Rebirth Deluxe Collection Hardcover Book 1£32.99
Injustice 29£2.99
Justice League28£2.30
Justice League Of America13£2.30
Justice League Of America14£2.30
Kamandi Challenge8£2.99
Mister Miracle2£2.99
Mister Miracle2 Variant£9.99
New Superman15£2.99
NightwingNightwing The New World Order 1£2.99
Red Hood And The OutlawsRed Hood And The Outlaws Annual 1£4.50
Red Hood And The Outlaws14£2.99
Scooby Apocalypse17£2.99
Scooby Doo Where Are You?85£2.30
Suicide Squad24£2.30
Suicide Squad25£2.99
Suicide Squad25 Variant£9.99
Teen Titans11£2.99
The Flash29£2.30
The Flash29 Variant£9.99
The Flash30£2.30
Wonder Woman29£2.30
Wonder Woman29 Variant£12.99
Wonder WomanWonder Woman Day Special Edition 1£1.00
Wonder Woman30£2.30

Deadstar Publishing

Thackeray Not Quite Dead3£3.75

Eaglemoss Publications

Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection105 Professor Yana (The Master)£8.99
Doctor Who Figurine Magazine Collection106 Sharaz Jek£8.99
Doctor Who Figurine Magazine CollectionSpecial 9 The Mechanoid£19.99
Marvel Fact FilesSpecial 27 Venom£18.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine CollectionStar Trek Starship Special ISS Defiant£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection105 Smugglers Ship£10.99
Star Trek Ships Magazine Figurine Collection106 Kazon Warship£10.99

El Capitan Books

Stray Bullets Sunshine And Roses27£2.99

Hatchet Book Group

Doctor Who The Complete History Hardcover Book Collection52£9.99
Doctor Who The Complete History Hardcover Book Collection53£9.99


Horror Hound66£8.99

IDW Publishing

Doctor Who Classics1 Joe Corroney 1st Print£10.00
G.I.Joe A Real American Hero!243£2.99
Ghostbusters 1016£2.99
Jem And The HologramsJem And The Holograms Infinite 2£2.99
Judge Blessed Earth5£2.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is MagicMy Little Pony Prequel 3£2.99
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic58£2.99
My Little Pony Legends Of Magic5£2.99
Optimus Prime10£2.99
Saucer State3£2.99
Transformers Lost Light9£2.99
X Files (2016)17£2.99
X Files OriginsX Files Origins II Dog Days Of Summer 3£2.99


Black Magick7£2.99
Divided States Of Hysteria4£2.99
Generation Gone by Ales Kot1 2nd Printing£4.50
Generation Gone by Ales Kot2£2.99
Lazarus X +662£2.99
Mage The Heroe Denied2£2.99
Scales And Scoundrels1£2.99
Shirtless Bear Fighter3£2.99
Snotgirl6 2nd Printing£2.30
The Hard Place1£2.99
Walking Dead171£2.30
Winnebago Graveyard4£2.99


All New Guardians of the Galaxy9£2.99
All New Wolverine24£2.99
Amazing Spiderman32£2.99
Astonishing X Men3£2.99
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider6£2.99
Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider7£2.99
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again4£2.99
Doctor Strange24£2.99
Doctor Strange Sorcerers Supreme11£2.99
Doctor Strange Sorcerers Supreme12£2.99
Edge Of Venomverse5£2.99
Edge Of Venomverse2£2.99
Edge Of Venomverse3£2.99
Edge Of Venomverse4£2.99
Generation X6£2.99
Generations Captain Marvel And Captain Mar-Vel1£4.50
Generations Hawkeye And Hawkeye1£4.50
Generations Iron Man And Ironheart1£4.50
Generations Jean Grey and The Phoenix One Shot1 2nd Printing Mattina Cover£4.50
Generations Unworthy Thor And Mighty Thor1£4.50
Guardians Of The Galaxy Telltale Series2£2.99
I Am Groot4£2.99
Infamous Iron Man11£2.99
Inhumans Once Future Kings2£2.99
Invincible Iron ManTrue Believers Kirby 100th Iron Man 1£1.00
Iron Fist7£2.99
Jean Grey6£2.99
Jessica Jones12£2.99
Journey To Star Wars The Last Jedi Captain Phasma1£2.99
Kingsman Red Diamond1£2.99
Kingsman Red Diamond1 Blank Variant£9.99
Marvels Thor Ragnarok Prelude3£2.99
Mighty Captain Marvel8£2.99
Moon Girl And Devil DinosaurTrue Believers Kirby Centenary Devil Dinosaur 1£1.00
Ms Marvel22£2.99
Nick FuryTrue Believers Kirby Centenary Nick Fury 1£1.00
Old Man Logan27£2.99
Old Man Logan28£2.99
Peter Parker Spectacular Spiderman3£2.99
Royals (Inhumans)7£2.99
Royals (Inhumans)True Believers Kirby 100th Inhumans 1£1.00
Secret Empire7£4.50
Secret Empire9£4.50
Secret Empire10£4.50
Secret EmpireSecret Empire Omega Michael Cho Variant£9.99
Secret EmpireSecret Empire Omega No More Hydra Variant£14.99
Secret Warriors6£2.99
Spider Gwen23£2.99
Spiderman And Deadpool21£2.99
Star Wars35£2.99
Star Wars36£2.99
Star Wars Darth Vader5£2.99
Star Wars Doctor AphraStar Wars Doctor Aphra Annual 1£4.50
Star Wars Doctor Aphra12£2.99
Star Wars Rogue One Adaptation6£2.99
The Champions12£2.99
Totally Awesome Hulk21 WMD 2nd Printing£2.99
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl24£2.99
Unstoppable WaspTrue Believers Kirby 100th Ant Man And The Wasp 1£1.00
Venomverse War Stories1£4.50
Weapon X7£2.99
Weapon X8£2.99
X Men Blue10£2.99
X Men Blue11£2.99
X Men Gold10£2.99
X Men Gold11£2.99
Zombies Assemble 20£4.50
Zombies Assemble 22£4.50

Panini Comics

Doctor Who Magazine Specials47£5.99



Sundry Items and Figures

Mylites 2 Comic Bags Pack Of 501£14.99


Doctor Who 11th Doctor Year Three9£2.99
Doctor Who 12th Doctor Ongoing Series Year Three6£2.99
Doctor Who Lost Dimension Alpha1£2.99

Topps Europe Ltd

Doctor Who Sticker Collection Second EditionSticker Pack£0.35

Two Morrows Publishing

Alter Ego148£9.99

Yen Press

A Certain Magical Index Manga Graphic NovelVolume 9 Light Novel£10.99
A Certain Magical Index Manga Graphic NovelVolume 10 Light Novel£10.99
Asterisk War Light Novel SeriesVolume 2£10.99
Asterisk War Light Novel SeriesVolume 3£10.99
Baccano! The Rolling Bootlegs Light Novel HardcoversVolume 3 Hardcover£16.99
Baccano! The Rolling Bootlegs Light Novel HardcoversVolume 4 Hardcover£16.99
Durarara!! Drrr!! Light Novel SeriesVolume 5£10.99
Durarara!! Drrr!! Light Novel SeriesVolume 6£10.99
Durarara!! Drrr!! Light Novel SeriesVolume 7£10.99
Goblin Slayer Light Novel SeriesVolume 1£10.99
Irregular Magician High School Light Novel4£10.99
Kagerou Daze A Headphone Actor Light Novel SeriesVolume 00£12.99
Kagerou Daze A Headphone Actor Light Novel SeriesVolume 6£12.99
Kieli Light Novel SeriesVolume 2£10.99
Konosuba Light Novel SeriesVolume 1£10.99
Konosuba Light Novel SeriesVolume 2£10.99
LOG Horizon The Knights Of Camelot Light Novel SeriesVolume 6£10.99
LOG Horizon The Knights Of Camelot Light Novel SeriesVolume 7£10.99
LOG Horizon The Knights Of Camelot Light Novel SeriesVolume 8£10.99
No Game No Life Manga Light NovelVolume 1£10.99
No Game No Life Manga Light NovelVolume 5£10.99
No Game No Life Manga Light NovelVolume 6£10.99
Overlord Light Novel Hardcover2£14.99
Overlord Light Novel Hardcover3£14.99
Psycome Light Novel SeriesVolume 2£10.99
Psycome Light Novel SeriesVolume 3£10.99
Psycome Light Novel SeriesVolume 4£10.99
Re : Zero Light Novel2£13.99
Re : Zero Light Novel3£13.99
Re : Zero Light Novel4£13.99
Sound Euphonium Light Novel SeriesVolume 1£10.99
Spice And Wolf Novel SeriesVolume Twelve£9.99
Spice And Wolf Novel SeriesVolume One£9.99
Spice And Wolf Novel SeriesVolume Eighteen£10.99
Strike The Blood The Right Arm Of The Saint Light NovelVolume 4£10.99
Strike The Blood The Right Arm Of The Saint Light NovelVolume 6£10.99
The Devil Is A Part Timer! Light Novel SeriesVolume 6£10.99
The Devil Is A Part Timer! Light Novel SeriesVolume 7£10.99


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