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Others >> Tales of Evil ( Volume 1)  
by Atlas Comics
February 1975

Cover - Larry Lieber

Spawn of the Devil

Story - Russ Jones

Art - Jerry Grandenetti

Editor - Larry Lieber

Bruno has escaped from the sanitarium once again. Making his way to Stonehenge, he manages to transfer the life essence of the devil into an innocent doll like figure. He is soon recaptured by the sanitarium guards and led back to his padded cell. The doll, however, remains behind.

Later the next day, a little girl, Anna, discovers the doll. She is instantly possessed and must follow the dolls orders.

As the days pass, Anna begins to change. Obeying the dolls every command, Anna takes over the servants quarters, painting a pentagram symbol of black magic on the floor. She has also taken to sacrificing small animals. Her mother, who has noticed the change in her, has her examined by a doctor, who has suggested further testing.

Her mother soon discovers Anna performing an animal sacrifice. Having witnessed the forbidden, Anna kills her mother.

Anna's father soon arrives home and discovers his dead wife. The demon, no longer content to take the form of a doll, explodes from Anna's body and leaves the house as it bursts into flames.

The police find Anna's father, out of his mind, babbling madness about the devil.

He is sentenced to spend the rest of his days in the sanitarium, with his cell mate Bruno, who triggered the entire chain of events.



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