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DC >> The Demon ( Volume 1)  
by DC
Hundreds of years ago Morgaine le Fey attacked Camelot in an attempt to get her hands on the Eternity Book which she intended to use to prolong her life.In an act of desperation Merlin summons The Demon Etrigan.The plan fails but as Camelot falls Merlin gives Etrigan a page of the Eternity Book so that he will be able to summon him in the future.

The story moves to the present day and Jason Blood, unaware that he is also Etrigan,is visting a man named Warly who he believes knows something about the page from the Eternity Book which he still owns.Warly is really an agent of Morgaine and attacks Jason,after defeating him Morgaine and Warly, now sure that he is Etrigan,decide to wait until he is called by Merlin so that they can follow him and steal the book.

It's not long before Jason is summoned by Merlin to Castle Branek in Moldavia but Morgaine is already waiting there to ambush him.He is forced to flee into tunnels beneath the castle where he finds an ancient tomb guarded by stone gargoyles.When he reads the inscription on the tomb it brings about the transformation from Jason Blood to The Demon Etrigan.

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Jack Kirby classic.


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