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DC >> Gilgamesh 2 ( Volume 1)  
by DC
August 17, 1987 is the Day Captain Belgettas arrived; since his Ship can't defend itself anymore he can't land on Earth without risking to be shot, he decides to drop two Infants on Earth, hoping that they will survive - Gilgamesh and Otto President Reagen orders the Ship to be shot down after a General in NORAD thinks, that it can only be a Soviet Missile Belgettas command that the Escape Pods should be launched and his Robot Servant Omsac informs him, that Alekzi 328 and Talentor 276 are safely off, before the US-Missiles hit Belgettas realizes, that Omsac sent off two Males Gilgamesh's Escape Pod goes down in Mexico and is found by Steppenwolf and Sunflower Bonner, two Stoners who were trying to get rich by selling Pot in Mexico; the burning Pod destroyed their Crop, however; Sunflower named him Gilgamesh because of a Story she had in Literature Class about a Hero who fought Grendel and calls im Gilgamesh; Grendel of course was fought by Beowulf the other Pod came down in South America in the Jungle and wasn't found by anyone and Otto grew up alone and becomes a Protector of the Jungle; 25 Years later he attacks Military and Corporate People to clear the Forest Gilgamesh was attending the University of Dallas; the Teacher is a Robot and the Reagan Administration is "now better known as the who me-? or Bonzo-Administration"; the Bonzo-Administration is reference toward the Ramones' Song "Bonzo goes to Bitburg" which is supposed to be a reference to Reagan in 1992 Russia and most of Eastern Europe disappeared; since that Day Experimentation with Teleportation is outlawed, Scientist are still trying to figure out, where the USSR is... with Russia gone the new Superpowers were the USA and Red China; after somebody unknown (probably Otto?) released a chemical Agent in South America that killed all Primates including Humans, the USA annexed all Territory South of their Borders; including Nicaragua that was affiliated with China; this led to a 4 Day War in which Australia (USA-Ally) and New Zealand (China-Ally) were bombed back into the Stone Age; the United Cartel of International Corporations lost two big Markets and the Corporate Wars, lasting almost 5 Years, started, in the End the World was run by "the clear Vision of Corporate Leadership" corrupt Leaders, in Church or Corporate Form, are a recurring Motive in Starlin's Work Gilgamesh fought for the Cartel Gilgamesh became Supreme Leader of the Corporate Militia and was elected unanimously Chairman for Life after the Conflict Agent Bambi is sent to seduct the Wildman in the South American Jungles, she gives him the Name Otto when Gilgamesh sees Otto he attacks him, thinking that someone knows, that he is an Alien and Otto is a Robot; his adoptive Mother ends the Fight and tells Gilly, that he has to accept the Truth; Gilgamesh shows his real Face - the Pip-Face was just a Mask - and he looks exactly like Otto

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