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DC >> Blue Beetle ( Volume 1)  
by DC
It begins -

The Blue Beetle arrives in his BUG ship on the scene of a horrific fire. Firefighters try to put out the blaze but can not seem to have much effect. This fire is special somehow and there have been a lot of them in Chicago lately. It is a big surprise when the Blue Beetle shows up because he has been in retirement for a long time.

When Beetle gets to the roof he attempts to rescue who he thought was a trapped firefighter. Unfortunately it was an arsonist by the name of Firefist . Firefist immediately attacks Beetle and it is all Beetle can do to keep him at bay. Firefist was able to overwhelm Beetle and escape. This left Beetle with is a situation to chase Firefist or save a trapped firefighter. Beetle of course chooses to save the fireman. Afterwords he talks to the firemen but doesn't stay long. He gets back into his BUG and takes off for his secret lair that is located underwater in Lake Michigan .

Once at his base he changes back into his regular clothes and reflects on his past. How he had found videos of his uncle Jarvis. How those videos led him and the Original Blue Beetle a.k.a. Dan Garrett to Pago Island were they were attacked by Jarvis 's Robots. Lastly he thinks about Dan's death and wonders if he has done right by him as the new Blue Beetle. On his way out of the lair he takes a elevator to KORD inc . were he quickly talks to his receptionist Angela Revere. He also checks in on Melody Case and Jeremiah Duncan.

Meanwhile an arch-rival of the Original Blue Beetle arrives on the very Island he was killed by Jarvis's Robots.. His name is Conrad Carapax . He has spent months trying to get to this island and he believes there must be something really important on this island for Dan Garrett to risk his life. Conrad feels if he succeeds were Dan failed then he will finally have bested him.

Back in Chicago Ted Kord checks up on his old college roommate Murray Takamoto . Murray works for STAR labs and wants to show Ted an experiment he wants help with. While they talk a janitor listen. This janitor is none other than Dr. Alchemy . Also in Chicago a Lieutenant Max Fisher is investigating the cold case of Dan Garrett he feels Dan was murdered and he is going to find out how. Back at STAR labs Ted and Murray are interrupted by Ted's watch. Ted has programed his BUG ship to signal him if there are any more fires that could be the work of Firefist.

Ted quickly changes and is picked up by the BUG. When he arrives at the Fire he sees Firefist only this time he is much more prepared. They get into a big tussle however Beetle is no match for Firefist even with all his fire protection equipment he has. He puts up a tremendous fight but is pinned by falling debris. The book ends with Firefist yelling "Burn, Burn, Burn HAHAHAHA."

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Stock: 1


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