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Others >> Lady Death: The Wild Hunt ( Volume 1)  
by Crossgen
A new adventure begins. The Medieval Tale jumps ahead a full year -- and everything has changed. The Eldritch rule Europe! Deadly magic "craters" pockmark the landscape. In a last ditch effort to save humanity, Lady Death -- strengthened by new armor -- leads the underground resistance! Surrounded by allies who were once enemies, Hope now fights enemies who were once allies! Who has lived? Who has died? Expect the unexpected as Brian Pulido and Jim Cheung turn everything upside down and invite veteran and new readers alike to join the year-long celebration of Lady Death's 10th Anniversary.Pulido says: "Taking a cue from the TV series 24, our Medieval Tale jumps ahead a full year, jacking up the stakes even higher. New fans can jump on board without having read any other issues, while loyal readers of the series will have all their questions answered as their favorite characters take on new roles...and new menaces!"

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