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Marvel >> Ultimate Comics Spiderman ( Volume 1)  
by Marvel
Almost ten years ago, Ultimate Spider-Man launched the Ultimate line, a reinvention of the Marvel Universe that defied the odds and every expectation. Today, it happens again: This new chapter in the life of the teenaged webslinger picks up in the aftermath of Ultimatum and completely redefines the status quo of Spider-Man for the next generation! With a new supporting cast, new villians and maybe even a new Spider-Man, this new chapter will keep you guessing month after month. Join Eisner Award-winning writer BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS in introducing new ongoing artist DAVID LAFUENTE (ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL, PATSY WALKER: HELLCAT)! You have never seen a Spider-Man like this before! Be there!

It's six months after the Ultimatum wave hit and Peter Parker is working again, but not as a web designer. Peter is a cashier at Burger Frog, facing old ladies who think are being given "lip" to the boss who orders him to wear a hat. Mary Jane is a reporter a for the school's student newscast in New York is being nice to Spider-Man even when he does nothing and Gwen is kissing Peter.

One night as Spider-Man Peter finds a store where some thugs force themselves into a store where a hooded man had already done the "super hero thing" . Some cops give the glory to Spider-Man and the hooded figure watches over.

Back at home Peter finds Gwen waiting for him in the attic. She welcomes him with a kiss and before that goes any further Peter sneaks in so his Aunt May won't find them being "naughty". Aunt May tells Peter that Kitty called for him and jealously Gwen tells him that "she is probably calling to tell him she's still in love with him". Shortly after Johnny Storm arrives to ask for a place to stay the night and then collapses over him.

The Kingpin is back in town and when entering his office he get's thrown out of his office by a new villain, Mysterio.

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